The NICF Council

The NICF is headed by an elected Council. Council meets four times a year to review the policies, finances and any other matters relating to governance of the Institute. Members currently serving on council are:

2017 Council Members
  • Steve Ramsden - President

    Master Fitter
    Steve has enjoyed installing floor-coverings for over forty years, and is proud to have served on council since 1997.

  • Scott Carter-Dowding - Vice-President

    Master Fitter
    Scott is an accredited Master Fitter and FITA instructor with over 20 years experience in the flooring industry.

  • Brian King

    Master Fitter
    Brian has been fitting floor coverings for 25 years , 22 years of those running his own flooring company in the North West of England.
    Brian joined the NICF in 2003 and became a Master Fitter in 2008. He became a FITA instructor in 2010 and joined the NICF Council in 2011.

  • Matthew Blackbourn

    Master Fitter
    Matt Blackbourn has over 11 years experience in the trade. While running the family business he is heavily involved with the NICF & FITA.

  • Dan Evans

    Master Fitter
    Dan joined the NICF in 2010 and has been a council member since 2013. He has over 13 years experience installing floorcoverings.

  • Ryan Evans

    Master Fitter
    Ryan is approaching a decade in Carpet fitting, specialising in bespoke style installations. He has an impressive portfolio available to view via his company Carpet Styles.

  • Dennis Green

    Master Fitter
    Dennis Green has been carpet fitting for 42 years. He is the East of England Overall Floor Covering Champion, and has been twice placed top ten in Carpet Fitter of the Year. Dennis also stands as a Director of FITA.

  • Kevin Stephen - Honorary Treasurer

    Patron Member
    Kevin is the Managing Director of Spotnails Maestri Ltd and is proud to be a Supporter & Patron of the NICF.

  • Darren Robinson - ARDEX UK Ltd

    Patron member
    Darren has over 21 years experience as a flooring contractor, successfully running his own business for 17 years. He also has achieved NVQ's level 2 & 3 in floorcoverings, and holds an A1 NVQ assessor award in the flooring industry, and has delivered demonstrations/seminars across the world.

  • Ian James

    Master Fitter
    Ian's been in the flooring industry for over 30 years, running his own business for 27 years. Winner of the European Floorlaying Championship with UK Team in 2005.

  • Trevor Smith

    Master Fitter
    Trevor has been in the carpet industry for over 30 years and a NICF member since 2009, working his way up to Master Fitter.

  • Lee Styles

    Master Fitter
    Lee has been in the flooring trade for 17 years and has run his own business for 8 years.

  • Steve Whitehead

    Master Fitter
    Steve has over 28 years experience in the flooring trade and won the South East NICF Carpet and Floorlayer of The Year award in 1996.

  • Matthew Yerrell

    Master Fitter
    Matthew has 33 years experience in the flooring industry. He spent 26 of those years running a business, and says he is still learning!