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The final of the Carpet Fitter of the Year Competition will take place on the 16th to 18th September, 2018 at the Flooring Show in Harrogate. Apply here, fill in your contact details and complete the questions below. Entry closes midnight 31st March 2018.

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20 Questions

Please complete ALL questions, answering as FULLY as possible in the boxes. Highest marks will be awarded to applicants who give the most accurate and complete answers.

1Explain how you would check the moisture content of a sand and cement screed subfloor. (Please list make and model of equipment you would use)
2If the concrete subfloor was dry, cracked and sandy at the edges of a room, what steps would you take to enable you to fit and fix gripper?
3A concrete subfloor has a 25mm thick layer of asphalt over it. How would you fix gripper to this?
4If you were putting down a 9mm thick plywood, what minimum length should your fixings be?
5When would you use Long Pin gripper on an installation?
6How would you prepare a patterned woven carpet to be fitted onto a straight flight of stairs? (Assume grippers and underlay are fitted).
7What will typically happen during the initial stretch when using a power stretcher?
8Underlay should "always" be laid at a 90 degree angle to the length of the carpet, is this statement true or false? Give reasons for your answer.
9Why should you alternate each run of underlay when laying them side by side?
10What factors should be considered when planning the position of a seam in a carpet?
11What gap should be applied to grippers when fitting them to the perimeter of a room in relation to the thickness of the carpet to be installed?
12Your customer requires a stretch fit carpet with underlay over an anhydrite subfloor incorporating an underfloor heating system. What advice should you offer the client and what points should be discussed?
13Explain what gap you would set the grippers to on a staircase to receive an 11mm thick tufted carpet in a continuous length.
14When heat seaming carpet together why should you work in a specific direction?
15When possible, how should a textile floorcovering be conditioned prior to installation?
16Explain what is meant by a face to face woven carpet.
17What can occur when a carpet is seamed with the iron setting too high?
18What is the correct procedure for fitting a blown rubber/waffle underlay to stairs?
19What is the number for the current British Standard for installation of textile floorcovering?
20Why is it imperative when fitting stairs that the carpet pile runs downwards over the stair nose?